Rapids and Badji agree to extension…

The Rapids extend Dominique Badji this afternoon for an additional 2 years according to coloradorapids.com. Story here.

Badji currently leads the team this season with 9 goals and 6 assists.


The Full 90: Rapids 3 @ Dynamo 2 recap….

The GOOD – 3 massive points on the road! Dominique Badji’s 2 goals. 2 points within league leading FC Dallas. The winning goal by Shkelzen Gashi. Powers 2 assists on the night! Most points of the season with 54 so far by any team in Rapids history! First round bye in the playoffs.
The BAD – The 2 sloppy goals given up by the Rapids defense. No Sam Cronin, suspended for the next match due to yellow card accumulation.
The UGLY – The remaining 3 games of the regular season are against teams with better quality than the Dynamo. If the Rapids don’t raise their game in some fashion and run the table, the Supporters Shield is out of the question.That begins Thursday at home against San Jose.

SUMMARY – Good to see the Rapids use their bench and get minutes for Castillo, Greenspan and Calvert, even if it comes due to exhaustion to Gashi, Badji and Le Toux. These minutes are important going into these last three games for these players.

Man Of The Match – Dom Badji

LOOKING AHEAD – With Cronin out against his old team San Jose, I expect Powers to move into his position as DM along side Azira and Gashi to move into Powers position as the #10, assuming Hairston is available to play the wing. If Hairston isn’t available then I think it’s possible though highly unlikely that we could see Pappa on the wing, leaving Gashi as the #10.

No word on Doyle’s availability, as well as Burling, or Jones for this match.

Rapids are gonna have to determine the pace of the game against San Jose early with the offense. Rapids have to score early and first causing San Jose to have the added pressure to chase them. But the Rapids cant immediately go into parking the bus, they will have to do like they did last week and continue to look for goals. #keepfighting #shieldhunting

See you Thursday at “The Richard”.


The Full 90: Timbers FC 0 @ Rapids 1 game recap…

The GOOD  The offense woke up in the 2nd half, thanks to efforts by Hairston, Badji that lead up to a goal by Le Toux. Not that the Rapids didnt have chances prior to that. Watts improved play on the back line. Howard with another clean sheet. MacMath’s yellow card from the bench in the 77th minute resulting in the loudest cheer of the night from supporters. The physicality of the match. Sjoberg and Watts frustrating Adi all night. And oh yea, clinching a playoff berth!
The BAD – Dillon Powers and his headband. No Azira due to suspension. Pablo’s constant raising his arms in complaints to officials, though he was somewhat justified in this match. But it only makes him look bad and in my belief is a distraction. Late arriving and early leaving fans at DSGP. Another slow start to the game by the Rapids. Pablo harps on dictating the pace in the first 15 minutes of each game but havent seen much of that this season.
The UGLY Officiating especially in the first half. Though the officials wore blue Saturday night, there seemed to be an additional green kit on the pitch early on.

SUMMARY  A hard fought 3 points for the Rapids. Keeping pace with Shield leaders FC Dallas, who have 56 points and the Rapids still with 2 games in hand. The Rapids with 51 points tying their best total in team history from 2013. Defense was much better this game than the 2 or 3 previous games. Next up, on the road at Houston Dynamo, Oct 8th.


The Full 90: Rapids 1 @ FC Dallas 0 recap…

After re-watching Saturday’s game here is finally a recap and a few of my frustrations.

The GOOD – A very important 3 points and an equally important road win! Another clean sheet for Howard. Game winning goal scored by Badji in the 52nd minute. Giving FC Dallas their first home loss of the season.
The BAD – Defense overall as well as the back line are still shaky. Not sure why Eric Miller continues to get the start. Williams needs to be back in the starting 11. Or give Castillo a shot? Rapids were outshot 17 to 7, and 7 to 1 on target. Doyle’s injury after only 6 mins on the field in the 2nd half, let’s hope he’s good to go this weekend against San Jose.
The UGLY – Only capturing 3 out of 9 possible points in this 3 game road trip.

The SUM OF IT ALL – The Rapids have plugged up a hole in the ship for this week, despite still taking on water. Didn’t the Rapids hire Spenny as an offensive coordinator of sorts for Pablo? Clearly this hire hasnt paid off in the way the RFO might have envisioned.

Counter attacks are not attacking football. This team needs to force the pace of the game from the first whistle and not always sit and wait to counter. Playing the ball over the top also is not attacking football. It’s like throwing a penny into a wishing well and hoping good comes from it. I feel like I’m watching a bad game of beach volleyball week in and week out lately.

This team needs to not worry about the Supporters Shield, stop playing for an unbeaten streak unless it’s for 3 points only each time out. I’m not saying take all of the focus away from the Shield. But this team needs to play a better and a more consistent brand of soccer if it has any plan of making any noise in the playoffs. Playing for draws wont do this team a lot of good down the stretch, even with 2 games still in hand. The Rapids need to start playing for wins and this has to happen now. Despite the win in Dallas, the Rapids were lucky to get that win. FC Dallas knows well that to slow the Rapids down is to hog possession of the ball and that’s what they did, owning 64% possession. And FC Dallas arent the only team to have figured this out.

The speed of Badji and Hairston on the wings is useless if the Rapids cant possess the ball. Just go back and look at Badji’s goal in the 52nd minute, quick attacking possession brought on that goal. (Yes you might want to give Pablo an assist). Your #9 hold up player, cant do his job if the Rapids arent again possessing the ball.

Sloppy passing and too many turnovers not just in the midfield are only one of the Achilles hurting this team right now, which in turn forces more pressure on the defense. Blame all of this on Pablo as he was a defender in his playing days, it’s all he knows. As for running any type of offense, Pablo hasnt a clue.

Clearly this team misses Gashi, Jones and Pappa. Let’s hope we can get all of them back against San Jose.


The Full 90: Week 11 – Sporting KC 0 @ Rapids 1 recap…

The GOOD – The Rapids are now 6-0 at home this season and on a current 6 game unbeaten streak.

Dom Dwyer, M.I.A. The battle between he and Sjoberg all night was a joy to watch.

Serna was the much needed spark off the bench.

The BAD – Sporting KC pressed high, were physical and were all over the Rapids Doyle, Jones, Badji and Solignac. Not leaving any space to get off any real targeted shots or any chance to be creative. This is where Gashi and Pappa were both greatly missed.

The UGLY – The game itself was ugly at times, but the beautiful game can’t always be beautiful every time out. If you believe that every game has to be beautiful, then clearly you’re not a fan of the sport as a whole. Take the good with the bad and learn to appreciate both. Every league on the planet has them.

Rapids currently are on top of the Western Conference with 23 pts and also lead the race for the Supporters Shield. Next up….Rapids @ Columbus Crew, Saturday May 14th

The Full 90: Week 7 – Red Bulls 1 @ Rapids 2 recap…

I just got home not long ago from SnowClassico 2, even with a cold and if you weren’t there, shame on you. Here’s a quick recap.

The GOOD – There were a number of things. Jermaine Jones long awaited debut, finishing with a goal and an assist.

The Rapids are undefeated at home, now at 3-0-0.

Badji nets his first goal of the season which turned out to be the game winner in the 81st minute.

Free coffee and hot chocolate for those in attendance, thanks RFO!

The BAD – The weather in some ways. Defense on Ronald Zubar’s goal in the 59th min for RBNY. It’s the exact same play that Dom Dwyer scored on Wedensday for Sporting against the Rapids, unmarked on the back side of the goal. Defense needs to tighten up.

This game could’ve have been worse than the 2-1 loss for RBNY as the Rapids missed many chances around the net, Pappa off the post, Badji off the post, Badji header saved by Robles, Solignac goal called offsides. RBNY weren’t really a threat offensively throughout.

The UGLY – MLS officiating, but hey at least we didn’t have Toledo officiate this game.

The Rapids are now 4-2-1, 3rd place in the Western Conference and in the Supporters Shield race with 13 pts.

The Full 90 : Preseason Recap Rapids v. Swope Park Rangers…

Rapids lose their first game of the preseason. It was the first match of the 2016 Desert Diamond Cup for both clubs.

What was worse, losing to a team that right now is barely more than a local YMCA team or the poor online streaming efforts that was at times 4-8 minutes behind the live action via the Rapids twitterfeed? Let’s just say both for now.

The GOOD – Dominique Badji with the only first half highlight with a header from a DIllon Powers free kick tying the score in the 19th min at 1-1.

The BAD – Defense and goal tending. 3 soft goals given up by both Froschauer(2) and McMath(1), the first coming in the first minute of play. Also bad, the lack of possession (aka turnovers)and no resemblance of any attacking football anywhere by the Rapids.

The UGLY – See this Rapids tweet below post game with Pablo.

Clearly if this was their focus on the game, “attacking the ball after a turnover” then what we all know to be true about Pablo, the head coach, that he has no clue and it’s gonna be another long season for Rapids supporters.

Here’s a thought Pablo, how about this for an idea, attacking football should be a focus. How about creating some chemistry on the field, not just on offense, but on the defensive side as well! How about not only creating and maintaining possession, but doing something with possession besides shooting balls over the top and hoping!

Preseason: Rapids drop points to Sporting, 2-2 draw…

I know it’s only preseason, but if this were the regular season, the Rapids who lead for a majority of the game holding 3 points in their grasp. Sporting scored in the 77th and the tying goal in the 78th minute, both goals coming after the Rapids were playing down a man on the ejection of Francisco Flores in the 75th minute.

Again it’s only preseason but this is where the Rapids have to begin to tighten the screws and bolts as they head into the start of the new season and a loss like this can hopefully serve as a learning point moving forward. Points dropped during the season like this will serve as another long season for the Rapids and their fans.

Dominque Badji and Gaby Torres both scored for the Rapids with assists from Lucas Pittinari and Vicente Sanchez. Zac MacMath was in net for the Rapids. If you include the preseason game against UNLV, then the Rapids are 1-1-1 so far this preseason.

Rapids will play their next preseason game of the Desert Diamond Cup against the New England Revolution this Saturday.