Rapids select Caleb Calvert in dispersal draft…

photo credit – Chivas USA

Caleb Calvert was the 8th pick in today dispersal draft of the former Chivas USA franchise. I know what you’re thinking, “another young player”. This one with very little experience at just 18 years old, besides his time with the Chivas USA Reserves and some time with the U-16 US Soccer Academy team. Hopefully he will get the necessary training and development to be a great addition to the team. Calvert was the first homegrown player signed by Chivas USA at the age of 16 and did appear in the Homegrown game during the all-star week this season in Portland, but has yet to see any playing time with the first team during his time with Chivas USA. Overall, not a bad pick up by the Rapids if we’re talking about the future of the franchise. The Rapids need someone to come in right now and make a difference going into 2015.

In other news.

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– Brian Mullan named to MLS Playoffs all-time Best XI


What the shutdown of Chivas USA means for the Rapids…

There isnt a whole lot that the disbanding of Chivas USA means for the Rapids but here are a couple of things that come to mind. Initially it means the climb to the top of Western Conference just got a whole lot harder with the realignment of Houston and Sporting KC coming back over from the Eastern Conference. There are lots of variables that have yet to be played out in all of this leading up to and into next season, the dispersal draft of the Chivas USA roster, the expansion draft, etc, etc. The Rapids roster as we know it will look different somewhat going into the 2015 season, hopefully not too drastically different and hopefully for the better.

Sporting KC returning to the Western Conference means we will be seeing more of them now, and that the chance of a second close regional rivalry can build between these two clubs, like what we have in the opposite direction with Real Salt Lake. We’ll have to wait and see how things shape up on the field in building that rivalry.

It can also mean that at least on paper as of right now today, the Rapids have a good chance at probably being the doormat of the western conference in 2015. That doesnt necessarily mean that they’re the worse team in the conference in terms of talent, far from that. But the Rapids have shown that they’re probably the worst in the conference in terms of using and developing the talent on the roster to go out and win games, as we saw throughout a majority of the 2014 campaign. Certainly a step back from the 2 seasons under Pareja prior. Let’s hope Pablo learns a lot this offseason on his trip to England later this year to Arsenal.