Rapids release secondary kit for 2017…

Today the Rapids released their secondary kit for 2017 and here are some initial thoughts on it. Click to see the 2017 kit.

Basically it’s the same kit as last season just with a few tweaks to it.

The GOOD – Love the gold, definitely one of the more distinct kits of the 2016 season and maybe even MLS history! Love the addition of blue sleeves and collar! The red button is a minor but nice attention to detail.

The Colorado flag moving from the jock tag position to the back of the collar is a good fit, making it more visible overall.

The lack of here stripes are a good thing. This is probably the cleanest kit in terms of Adidas markings. The 3 stripes only appear on the shoulders, stopping at the sleeves.

The “5280” from the back kit now to the sleeve is a good idea, but would probably look better in gold rather than red.

The BAD – The Cubs called and have asked for their “C” back. The jock tag “C” doesn’t look good, almost seems like a desperate attempt by Adidas. If there were an eyesore to ┬áthe look of the kit overall, this would be it. I would rather Adidas had it left blank.

The Transamerica building is missing, instead going for just the script across the front. If the idea behind this was just to give the kit a slightly different feel since we’re basically tweaking the 2016 kits, then I get that but I’m not a fan. The building is also not found on the ┬áTransamerica logo on the Rapids website as well.

The UGLY – Overall, nothing. Colorado and Adidas have been consistent with producing very good looking kits the last few seasons.