Burgundy Headlines for Dec 30th…

Not a ton happening as of late in the Rapidsphere as we begin wrapping up the holidays and 2016.

Rapids opening at home the first week of the season is of course exciting, even if the opponent are the New England Revolution on March 4th, kickoff at 4pm(CST). The Rapids hit the road the following weekend at RBNY on March 11th.

Looking at the comments on the top Americans in MLS 2016 article on mlssoccer.com, there is a lack of respect for our captain. Clearly I’m a bit biased, but I’m certain to say that some of those commenters didnt watch how Cronin along with Azira anchored the defensive midfield in front of the back four in 2016. Also clearly for some reading comprehension is a problem where the title It didnt say Top Americans in MLS all-time, but in 2016.

Looks as if the Rapids are again crossing the pond for hidden talent with Nick Sabetti reporting via sportingnews.com that sources are reporting that Boateng is close to signing with the Rapids. This will be something to keep an eye on over the next few days and weeks.


Burgundy Headlines for Dec 14th…

So far this morning there is at least one report that the Rapids have signed Pablo Mastroeni to a new contract, see below.

As well as Jermaine Jones giving thanks to his teammates and coaching staff.

Initial thoughts on Pablo. The GOOD – Pablo deserved the new 3 year contract as much as I hate to say it. Huge credit to the Rapids front office for getting something done sooner than last minute as they have been known to do in the past. Look back to 2014 when they named Pablo the teams new manager a week before the start of the season without any coaching experience. Familiarity, the RFO having exercised options on a majority of the teams key players for the 2017 season a couple of days ago and the success of the 2016 season means that those players already know what Pablo is looking for from this team going in and the success that they’ve had. Add in a player or two here and there via draft, trades, etc and there shouldn’t be much difference in this years team and the upcoming team for 2017.

The BAD – With Pablo returning for another 3 seasons, one would assume that his coaching staff will remain as is. And maybe, just maybe they should. The bad in this is there needs to be more done on the offensive side of the pitch. Better creativity, better passing, improved footwork and attacking. This team needs more from assistant coach John Spencer, who was brought in last season to help improve the offensive side of the ball.

The UGLY – We’ll have to wait and see.


The Final 3rd – If the reports are true then congrats to Pablo and the RFO for getting this done and out of the way before the upcoming list of drafts happen(waiver, re-entry and Super Draft) and again not waiting until the last minute. There has yet to be any official announcement from the Rapids via twitter or their website, despite the report having been confirmed by a few sources. An announcement may come later today.

Burgundy Headlines for Dec 13th…

The Rapids unprotected players were not chosen by either Atlanta United FC or Minnesota United FC in this afternoon’s expansion draft. Call it a blessing or a curse depending on the player.

Not much noise made today from the Rapids except for this, see below.

If there was anyone on this team last season who epitomizes the slogan “#keepfighting” it was Jermaine Jones. And not just with the Rapids, but with any team he has been with. Hopefully someone next season can pick up and emulate the intensity and the fight on the field the way Jones does. Thank you Jermaine for everything you gave to the club and the fans.

EXTRA TIME – In former Rapids news, Toronto FC keeper Clint Irwin was selected by the Atlanta United FC in today’s expansion draft. Then later traded back to Toronto FC.

Burgundy Headlines for Dec 12th…

Now that the MLS Cup is over with the Sounders winning the Cup, the off-season has begun immediately. Here are a few headlines from the last few days.