The Full 90: Rapids 1 @ FC Dallas 0 recap…

After re-watching Saturday’s game here is finally a recap and a few of my frustrations.

The GOOD – A very important 3 points and an equally important road win! Another clean sheet for Howard. Game winning goal scored by Badji in the 52nd minute. Giving FC Dallas their first home loss of the season.
The BAD – Defense overall as well as the back line are still shaky. Not sure why Eric Miller continues to get the start. Williams needs to be back in the starting 11. Or give Castillo a shot? Rapids were outshot 17 to 7, and 7 to 1 on target. Doyle’s injury after only 6 mins on the field in the 2nd half, let’s hope he’s good to go this weekend against San Jose.
The UGLY – Only capturing 3 out of 9 possible points in this 3 game road trip.

The SUM OF IT ALL – The Rapids have plugged up a hole in the ship for this week, despite still taking on water. Didn’t the Rapids hire Spenny as an offensive coordinator of sorts for Pablo? Clearly this hire hasnt paid off in the way the RFO might have envisioned.

Counter attacks are not attacking football. This team needs to force the pace of the game from the first whistle and not always sit and wait to counter. Playing the ball over the top also is not attacking football. It’s like throwing a penny into a wishing well and hoping good comes from it. I feel like I’m watching a bad game of beach volleyball week in and week out lately.

This team needs to not worry about the Supporters Shield, stop playing for an unbeaten streak unless it’s for 3 points only each time out. I’m not saying take all of the focus away from the Shield. But this team needs to play a better and a more consistent brand of soccer if it has any plan of making any noise in the playoffs. Playing for draws wont do this team a lot of good down the stretch, even with 2 games still in hand. The Rapids need to start playing for wins and this has to happen now. Despite the win in Dallas, the Rapids were lucky to get that win. FC Dallas knows well that to slow the Rapids down is to hog possession of the ball and that’s what they did, owning 64% possession. And FC Dallas arent the only team to have figured this out.

The speed of Badji and Hairston on the wings is useless if the Rapids cant possess the ball. Just go back and look at Badji’s goal in the 52nd minute, quick attacking possession brought on that goal. (Yes you might want to give Pablo an assist). Your #9 hold up player, cant do his job if the Rapids arent again possessing the ball.

Sloppy passing and too many turnovers not just in the midfield are only one of the Achilles hurting this team right now, which in turn forces more pressure on the defense. Blame all of this on Pablo as he was a defender in his playing days, it’s all he knows. As for running any type of offense, Pablo hasnt a clue.

Clearly this team misses Gashi, Jones and Pappa. Let’s hope we can get all of them back against San Jose.



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