The Full 90: U.S. Open Cup Round of 16 – Rapids 1 @ F.C. Dallas 2…

I was really disappointed after watching the Rapids give away the game late to FCD and squander chances to increase their 1-0 lead or to draw level in extra time also.

 The GOOD – Powers to Hairston to Badji to take a 1-0 lead in the 38th minute. Badji playing well, at times looked to be the most dangerous player on the field offensively. Hairston came on strong after replacing Serna in the 21st minute.
The BAD – Dillon Serna’s injury in the 20th minute. Hairston’s pace was great, but his lack of ball control and handling skills in the open field definitely need some work. Watts lack of defense late in the game to give FCD the lead. MacMath was solid up until then also. The missed opportunity between Watts and K. Doyle on the sitter right in front of the FCD net. Dillon Powers scares me most of the time whenever he touches the ball, he’s just not quick, almost Michael Bradley-ish at times(and not in a good way). Michael Azira without Sam Cronin was a bad decision, he’s not able to do what he is capable of with Powers as his partner at D-mid. With everyone back from Copa and Euros(Gashi, Howard, Jones and Doyle), I dont see Powers in the starting 11 on Monday.

The FCDtv feed, the announcers were just horrible to listen to, how do you FCD fans listen to that garbage game in and game out?
The UGLY – Officiating, or lack of it. Referee Ismail Elfath had little control of the match and was inconsistent throughout on both sides, despite issuing 6 yellow cards, 4 of those coming after the 86th minute. Also trying to figure out what Pablo is thinking with substitutions and a game plan is never a thing of beauty.

THE SUM OF IT ALL – It’s obvious or at least it felt that way to me that Pablo didnt take this game seriously as to him it was like an exhibition or a preseason scrimmage in Arizona in Febraury. In case you didnt know Pablo, Cups matter, games matter, whether it’s MLS Cup, U.S. Open Cup or whatever kind of cup you want to throw at it they each matter! They matter to fans and supporters and they should matter to the players and to the coaching staff, the front office and to ownership as well. Next up, The Timbers come to town on Monday, July 4th! See you there!


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