The Full 90: Rapids @ Quakes recap…

The first week of the season is now in the books for 2016! Let me make this quick, right to the good, bad and ugly.

The Good – Possession is more times than not an overrated stat, as in this case. The Rapids had 58% possession in this game but didnt score. The good thing about possession is if you have 58% possession that means that you are probably creating chances and getting shots as the Rapids did with 18 shots to San Jose’s 7. Possession only really means something when those chances created are capitalized on, IE, scoring goals and coming away with a win. Another good thing to take from this game is the Rapids constant frustrating of San Jose though out the game.

The Bad – The lapse of focus on marking Wondo 20 secs into the start of the second half, allowing him to score what would be the game winner. You can’t afford any lapses when Wondo is on the field. Next week against the Galaxy will only be that much tougher with Keane, Magee, Dos Santos, etc on the field.

The Ugly – Rapids opening the 2016 campaign with a loss.

Better days are ahead Rapids fans.


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