Figueroa to FC Dallas, Ramirez on loan…

What is it with Dallas lately? It seems like almost every player that is or was a Rapids player has found a new home in Paraja’s FC Dallas. Reading this morning about Eloundou being on trial there currently and then the news of Maynor Figueroa having signed with them and the Rapids receiving allocation money. Let’s not forget recent past player like Hendry Thomas and if you want to go back a little further pre-Pareja, Atiba Harris. Have the Rapids suddenly become a farm club to FC Dallas? It’s beginning to look that way. Best of luck Maynor and thank you all you did in your short time with the Rapids.

Juan Ramirez, the Rapids diving midfielder has turned up in Spain and was reported yesterday to be on loan to second division Spanish side U.D. Almeria. It is reported as a 6 month loan. The Paul Bravo comment, “Juan is a young player who we identified and then helped to develop in MLS” is amusing. Identified, yes. Developed? That’s a HUGE NO! This instead needs to be a 6 week loan, as the season starts March 6th and Rapids as of today, have very little depth at the attacking mid position. Best of luck in Spain Juan, maybe we’ll see you again in burgundy and blue, but I dont trust Bravo with this move. I expect this to be a sale at the end of the loan.


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