Former player John Spencer returns as first team assistant coach…

The Rapids announced today the return of former striker John Spencer to the club in the capacity of 1st team assistant coach, full story here. One is to assume this is the offensive coordinator that Bravo and the RFO were referring to bringing in to help Pablo right after the collapse of the 2015 season, not to mention the second consecutive collapse.

I will give the RFO credit, Spencer has previous coaching experience as an assistant with the Dynamo and a manager of the Timbers. That’s more experience than current manager Mastroeni had before he became manager a week before the start of the 2014 campaign.

Some would even go as far to say that the hiring of Spencer is also seen as a brief look into the future as Pablo’s replacement should this season go as bad the last two seasons have, myself included. The transition would be easy, but would probably not be the best of choices, when and if that moment comes. Spencer was tough and fiery as a player, but that doesnt always transfer over into the coaching ranks, hence the clubs current situation the last 2 years under Mastroeni and also Spencer’s 2 and a half years in Portland as the head man.

Welcome back Spencer and best of luck!


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