Season finale: Rapids @ Timbers…

I made finally my first ever road trip in support of the Rapids. It’s always been my thought that if I absolutely had to go anywhere for my first road trip that it would without a doubt be Portland. No other club has the atmosphere that this club has at home, sorry Seattle, Sporting and Orlando. Maybe I’m pre-judging the others without having visited them yet, but if you’ve followed this league for a while then you know that what the Portland Timbers, Timbers Army and the city of Portland have here is something very special. And for a club like the Rapids and their supporters it would only be wise to take notes and try to emulate what you can and at the same time come up with your own traditions. Needless to say Portland didn’t disappoint.

Here are a few photos I took from over the weekend, they’re not much, but I hope you enjoy them.

Seriously, the Rapids weren’t expected to win and really I was there to not only support my club but to also take in the atmosphere that only Portland and their supporters can supply. I was more than happy to sit through a pouring rain to support my club, no matter the outcome. We did run into a few more Rapids fans while there which was good to see. I spoke to a number of Timbers fans who went out of their way to welcome me and my small group of Rapids faithful. Took some ribbing from some ushers at Providence Park all in good fun of course that I was wearing the “wrong colors”.

If you havent yet made it to the Providence Park for a Timbers match, do yourself the favor and put it on your soccer bucket list, you wont regret it. A huge “thank you” to Timbers supporters and the Portland community for your hospitality. I look forward to seeing you next season.


My apologies…

Please accept my apologies for not having written anything here since the all-star break. Things happen sure but a lot of the reason for the lack of posts are the season long frustration as this team continues to spiral towards mediocrity. This team and organization hasn’t been anything to watch, and no less worth the energy to offer my opinions on as of late. Not to mention, with the way this team has performed for myself writing the same thing each week would be a waste of space. There is no way I can twist words and gift wrap to you what happened on the pitch and make it pretty, because it’s not. So again I apologize for not having been here lately to offer my thoughts and opinions on this team and it’s management. As I do love this team as much as each of you do, it’s just hasnt been alot of fun or much to cheer about for what is now the 2nd dismal season in a row.

What I will do, is give you more these last 2 weeks of the season and hopefully into the offseason as well, as we look towards the 2016 season.

Thank you.