Preseason: Rapids fall 2-1 in Desert Diamond Cup final…

The match really was a tale of two halves. The first half being the better of the two halves for the Rapids. Despite giving up an early goal in the 8th minute, The Rapids found the equalizer in the 28 minute thanks to Dillon Serna. The second half saw the Rapids with a man advantage early but they were never able to capitalize on. The midfield play became a bit stagnant compared to the first half and this is where I believe a player like Juan Ramirez will make a difference in midfield. His ability to take defenders on one v one will open up the field of play for others. Ramirez didnt play in this game, but we’ve seen what he can do on the ball.

Rapids finish the preseason 2-2-2, but the look of this team in the preseason you can say that right now this is a different and much better team than the one that finished the 2014 season. The Rapids finish the preseason back in Colorado ahead of their regular season opener against the Philadelphia Union on Mar 7th.


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