MLS releases 2015 schedule…finally

Finally finally finally! MLS released their 2015 full schedule today!

Full schedule here,

Rapids schedule here.

Along with the release of the new schedule comes an expanded playoff system which will add 2 more teams bringing the total to 12 and begin just 3 days after the end of the regular season. Really not much time for any build up leading towards the playoffs.

The good, the bad and the ugly of it all is this.

The Good

– The battle for the Rocky Mountain Cup this year will again be a 3 match event. The Rapids will host Salt Lake twice this year (July 12th & Oct 3rd) and play at Rio Tinto on June 7th.

– Rapids home opener is against NYCFC on March 21st.

– Despite the Rapids not playing Salt Lake during either of the two Rivalry week(s) this season, the Rapids will be playing Sporting KC during both weekends. A rival if in no other reason but close proximity and conference.  Sporting supporters travel well, if you remember last season at DSGP, so it should be a fun atmosphere.

The Bad

– Rivalry Week(ends) June 26-28 and Aug 28-30, the Rocky Mountain Cup against Salt Lake isnt featured in either weekend. In my opinion this kinda let’s you know what the league thinks about the Cup and the competition. Sure the intensity has died down a bit between the teams but in my opinion, Rivalry week should be all rivalries regardless of how the league office views them. There is some great history between a lot of teams.

– No Orlando City SC on the home schedule. I guess they still have bad memories of a beat down in the US Open Cup match played here last season.

– Rapids play opening weekend on the road at Philadelphia, off the following week and then open at home the 3rd week of the season. A break in the second week of the season is not necessary.

– The expanded playoffs to 12 teams. Dont like it not because like most who feel it makes the regular season meaningless, but because the playoffs take too long to get through. And this year with a FIFA break in the middle, the playoffs will not conclude until mid December after starting Oct 28th.

The Ugly

– The season cant get here quick enough!



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