Rapids protected and unprotected lists heading into the expansion draft…

MLS has released each teams protected and unprotected lists as we head into Wednesday’s expansion draft. Below are the Rapids lists. Select Homegrown players and all Generation Adidas players are automatically protected.

The Rapids wasted a spot on the protected list. How and why is Zat Knight on the list of protected players I’ll never understand. What is the club thinking?

11 Protected                        Automatically Protected
Deshorn Brown (Int’l)           Davy Armstrong (Homegrown)
Michael Harrington               Caleb Calvert (Homegrown)
Clint Irwin                             Marlon Hairston (Generation adidas)
Chris Klute                            Shane O’Neill (Homegrown)
Zat Knight (Int’l)                   Dillon Serna (Homegrown)
Nick LaBrocca
Drew Moor
Dillon Powers
Vicente Sanchez (Int’l)
Gabriel Torres (Int’l)
Jared Watts


Unprotected list

Gale Agbossoumonde
Edson Buddle
Marc Burch
Tony Cascio
Geoffrey Castillion (Int’l)
Kamani Hill
Dimitry Imbongo (Int’l)
Jose Mari (Int’l)
Brian Mullan
Danny Mwanga
Thomas Piermayr (Int’l)
Marvell Wynne
Carlos Alvarez
John Berner
Charles Eloundou (Int’l)
John Neeskens
Grant van de Casteele


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