Pablo visits Middlesbrough…

MBoroPablo Maestroeni has been spending time with former teammate and Middlesbrough manager Aitor Karanka. Karanka has been the manager of Middlesbrough since Novemeber of 2013. Prior to joining Middlesbrough, Karanka served as an assistant to Mourinho. According to the Rapids, Pablo will be taking in some training sessions, share ideas and gather insight from Karanka. This is certainly good for Pablo, who’s going into his second season at the helm of the Rapids. I hope that this isn’t the only place he will be visiting to get ideas and gather information from.

What again about the so called “partnership” with Arsenal? I really think he could further benefit from someone who’s been in the position a lot longer than Karanka like Arsene Wenger. But it’s a good start for the Rapids young coach. Thanks again Kroenke for nothing.

As bad as last season was for the Rapids and their fans, all the blame can’t be directed towards Pablo, who was seemingly thrown into the position after training camp finished. Pablo needs to figure out what style of soccer he wants to embrace and develop the best ways to execute that style through his time learning at Middlesbrough. He also of course needs to have the right personnel on the roster and some depth as well.

In other Rapids news…

Rapids USL Pro affiliate Charlotte Independence choose their first coach



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