Rapids beef up front office, hire UEFA’s Padraig Smith…

The Rapids off season just got a bit of a boost, at least as far as the front office goes. Via coloradorapids.com the team announced the hiring of Padraig Smith who will be the club’s new Sporting Director come January. Smith is currently working with UEFA as a Financial Analysis Manager.

Full story here.

One quote I like from this story is from Paul Bravo, “We are delighted that Pádraig will be joining us in an executive role within the soccer operations department,” said Bravo. “He will work across all levels of our technical staff and we look forward to him adding a level of sophistication and experience to our soccer operations.”

Key words here in this quote, “level of sophistication and experience”. Both which are needed sorely at times with the current front office.

Another quote I like was from Smith himself, “I’m leaving a very good role at UEFA where I’ve been able to work with some of the biggest clubs in Europe,” he said. “The only reason I would leave would be for a position like this – something every bit as exciting. From an ownership standpoint, right through to the management team of Tim, Paul and Pablo, it’s just a wonderful group. The impressions I have of the leadership team I’m joining, as well as the Denver area, have been incredibly positive.”

I sincerely hope that for Smith that the impression he got from the front office wasn’t just a smokescreen and that his hiring will be beneficial to Smith and the Rapids both. Only time will tell, anyways we welcome you Padraig Smith!

FOOTNOTE: While I was looking for additional information about Mr. Smith, I came across his Twitter account and it shows a recent photo of Dick Sporting Goods Park as his background and although he hasnt posted since July 21st, he has made several posts previously about the Rapids. Once at the start of the season back in March and another in the playoffs at the end of the 2013 season. See for yourself here!


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