Rapids and Ciao Telecom, lacking communication…

The phrase, “You can’t win for losing” apparently goes for the Rapids off the field as well as on the field. According to Denver Post reporter Daniel Boniface The Rapids are suing the parent company of kit sponsor Ciao Telecom for missed sponsorship payments. Story here.


This seems fitting for the Rapids who as a team have had their share of bad luck in 2014. First losing their coach in Oscar Pareja who left the team to return to his beloved FC Dallas. The team had numerous injuries it seems all season. Having ended the regular season last weekend with a current 14 game winless streak going back to July 25. Now this is added to the list of problems the club has experienced. Ciao TeleCom, the team’s first jersey sponsor in club history, signed earlier this season is now being sued by the club for missed sponsorship payments.

Sounds to me like someone with the Rapids front office didnt do all the necessary research of Ciao TeleCom and their financial situation prior to bringing them on as their jersey sponsor. Or maybe someone with Ciao’s parent company did a really good job of hiding the truth about their financials. We’ll see how this plays out in the coming weeks. As of right now the Ciao TeleCom logo is still present on the Rapids website.

The other thing I took from this article was the Rapids being the 3 worst average attendance this season at just over 15 thousand this season, ahead of San Jose and Chivas USA. Chivas opens a new stadium next season, so their attendance numbers will rise and Chivas USA is no more, so imagine where that leaves the Rapids next season with attendance after coming off a poor 2014 season? The other thing I took from this is the mentioning of the number of season ticket holders that have renewed for next season at 80% so far of 5400 from the previous, then saying that they have 500 new season ticket holders going into next season. Call me a little skeptical about those numbers one week after the end of the regular season. I hope I’m wrong and the numbers greatly increase despite a forgettable 2014 season.

Let’s go Rapids!


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