Ch ch changes… MLS to introduce new league crest in 2015


Whoa! Who saw this coming?! And why?!

MLS announced this morning that this will be the new crest for the league in 2015 going forward. And to go along with this will be different colors of the crest with the teams colors for each team in the league.

I understand updating the league crest after 20 years, as I was never really a fan of the cleat and ball logo, but it served the league well for 20 years. But really this is the best they could come up with? Who got paid for this and how much? Because I need to change careers!

I like that they simplified the look, but that’s about it. The empty white space bothers me greatly, couldnt they have stuck something there too? The 3 stars only remind of the leagues lust affair that it has with the Pacific Northwest in Vancouver, Seattle and Portland purely based on their location on the crest. The kickstand on the lower left, is that to symbolize league stability or something? I mean WTF?!!

What do you think of the new league crest?


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